Our advisory services

We assist our customers and partners with a wide range of advisory services. We offer evacuation advisory services and emergency drills which are individually tailored to your needs. In addition to this, we can also provide product training, input events and service agreements. Our know-how and experience allow us to give you optimum support.

Take advantage of our expertise

Product training

To ensure that Lifeboxes are used correctly in emergencies we offer training courses for healthcare employees.

Input event

During our input event we provide valuable information and tips for practical implementation in the fields of safety, fire protection and evacuation.

Evacuation advisory services

We assist hospitals, clinics and childcare centres with their evacuation planning and overall handling of such events, from giving the alarm to resuming daily operations.

Emergency drills

We can plan and organise emergency drills including debriefings and risk analyses. If desired, we can also work in cooperation with fire services and similar institutions.