Emergency drills

Our experience shows that there is often a big gap between what plans and what happens in reality. Regular emergency drills are therefore essential. We can assist you with the planning, execution and analysis of your emergency drill. It can be carried out in cooperation with your in-house fire service and/or the local fire service. The objectives of our emergency drills are as follows:

  • To strengthen cooperation between your departments and fire services
  • To reinforce your internal procedures
  • To test your emergency concept and learn any lessons which are necessary
  • To provide your staff with the confidence required to handle emergencies

Emergency drills are carried out in three phases:

  1. A first meeting takes place around six months before the actual drill to inspect conditions on site. Your needs and requests will also be noted. Following this, joint preparation for, and planning of, the emergency drill begins.
  2. On the day of the drill we will prepare everything and supervise the drill. Directly after the drill we will provide an initial analysis and inform the participants regarding our findings.
  3. Following the drill we will evaluate it in detail before presenting our findings to you on your premises and providing proposals for improvements.
Emergency drills are aimed at fire prevention officers, safety officers and individuals who are responsible for carrying out evacuations in hospitals and clinics. Other target groups are in-house fire services and public fire services.
Should we already have carried out a risk analysis for you, then we will use its findings as the basis for the emergency drill. Otherwise we will ask you to provide us with all documentation which is relevant for planning of the emergency drill. Planning of an emergency drill during active operations requires detailed preparation and begins around six months before the actual drill.
Ideally one or two departments at your hospital or clinic as well as a local fire service and/or your in-house fire service will take part in the emergency drill. During an emergency drill at a daycare center, it is ideal if the entire daycare center is involved along with the local fire department.

The emergency drill takes around two to three hours. Including the preparations, setting up and debriefing, an emergency drill takes a total of around three days.

Emergency drills are carried out on your premises.

Emergency drills are supervised by David Selinger, Rahel Frey or Roland Joho. Meet our team.

Our fees and expenses for carrying out of an emergency drill may vary depending on the size of your institution and the participating departments. We would therefore be happy to provide you with an individualised quotation. Please contact us to request one.

This consulting service is offered exclusively in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

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