Why our Lifebox® is required

How do you save your children in an emergency?

Honestly: Do you know where the emergency shelter of your day-care centre is located? Or where to store toddler essentials like diapers, spare clothes or milk? The answers to these, and many other questions, are part of the evacuation planning that is essential for day-care centres.

Safety, and the well-being of the children, is just as important to us as it is to you, which is why we are happy to support you in planning and implementing the evacuation templates that you must comply with in your day-care centre according to the guidelines of your local authorities. We also offer the possibility of carrying out an evacuation exercise in your day-care centre in cooperation with the local fire brigade. This gives you more security and peace of mind in case of an emergency. In addition, this is a highlight for the children in their daily routine.

This is how NeoRescue supports daycare centers

  • Joint development of an evacuation plan for your daycare center
  • Conducting evacuation drills in your daycare center
  • Cooperation with the local fire department
  • Lifebox universal for the rescue of infants and young children in emergency situations
  • The Lifebox can be used during fires, in smoke, during accidents involving gas and chemicals, in explosions and during earthquakes or flooding

Take advantage of our expertise

Personal, competent and experienced. We can train your staff how to use Lifeboxes correctly; offer workshops and evacuation advisory services and assist you with the planning and execution of emergency drills.

Evacuation advisory services

We assist hospitals and clinics with their evacuation planning and overall handling of such events, from giving the alarm to resuming daily operations.

Emergency drills

We can plan and organise emergency drills including debriefings and risk analyses. If desired, we can also work in cooperation with fire services and similar institutions.

Input event

During our input event we provide valuable information and tips for practical implementation in the fields of safety, fire protection and evacuation.

Lifebox universal von NeoRescue

Lifebox® universal

Simple, quick and safe. With the Lifebox universal you can save infants in an emergency. Thanks to the positive pressure system, the babies are ideally protected.

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