Why our Lifebox® is required

What happens during a fire or an emergency involving chemicals?

Hospitals and clinics are designed to ensure the wellbeing and recovery of patients. Parallel to this, staff must also be able to ensure their patients’ safety. But what happens if there is a fire, an emergency involving chemicals or biological substances or a similar event?

The staff working at the clinic or hospital learn exactly how they should respond to such emergencies during in-house training and practice drills. It is, however, often the case that neither gets as much attention as they deserve. Or can you in all honesty say that every member of staff at your clinic or hospital knows what to do in such an extreme situation?

How do you rescue babies?

Even if you are well-prepared there is still a problem which no emergency drill or evacuation strategy can solve: How do you rescue babies? Imagine that a fire breaks out in your clinic or hospital and that babies are in the danger area. What would happen?

Breathing apparatus and smoke hoods are not suitable for the rescue. They cannot protect babies from poisonous gases or smoke. Rescuing babies inside a fire fighting jacket can be just as fatal. Particularly since the routes which emergency services have to take to maternity wards and neonatal units, which are often located on upper floors, are very long. In such emergencies babies are helpless and at the mercy of fate. Until now.

How NeoRescue supports the medical services

  • The Lifebox is a rescue module which is independent of ambient air
  • Best possible protection for babies during an emergency
  • In an emergency the Lifebox can be used by laypeople – the rescue should be carried out by emergency personnel
  • Huge time saving since it is not necessary to remove babies’ cables
  • Medical monitoring is ensured at all times
  • The Lifebox can be used during fires, in smoke, during accidents involving gas and chemicals, in explosions and during earthquakes or flooding

Our unique emergency rescue box

Lifebox double von NeoRescue

Simple, quick and safe. This is our Lifebox which allows you to rescue babies during emergencies.

Thanks to the over-pressure system babies are ideally protected and continuous monitoring is ensured because monitors can also be placed in the box.

NeoRescue in action

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Take advantage of our expertise

Personal, competent and experienced. We can train your staff how to use Lifeboxes correctly; offer workshops and evacuation advisory services and assist you with the planning and execution of emergency drills.

Product training

To ensure that Lifeboxes are used correctly in emergencies we offer training courses for healthcare employees.

Input event

During our input event we provide valuable information and tips for practical implementation in the fields of safety, fire protection and evacuation.

Evacuation advisory services

We assist hospitals and clinics with their evacuation planning and overall handling of such events, from giving the alarm to resuming daily operations.

Emergency drills

We can plan and organise emergency drills including debriefings and risk analyses. If desired, we can also work in cooperation with fire services and similar institutions.

Here’s what medical professionals say

«Since we don’t have to unharness the infants to transport them with the ‘Lifebox’, we save a lot of time in an emergency. That can make all the difference in the end.»

Céline Gautier, Ward Manager Neonatology Kantonsspital Aarau

«Medical monitoring equipment can also be transported in the ‘Lifebox’, ensuring children’s medical safety during an evacuation. It also allows us to make a detailed evaluation of the babies’ condition throughout the evacuation after the fact. This ist curcial for their subsequent care.»

Prof. Dr. Henrik Köhler, Senior Consultant and Director of the Children's and Adolescents' Clinic, Aarau Cantonal Hostpital

«The ‘Lifebox’ is an excellent, cost-effective and medically advisable solution for the evacuation of premature and new-born babies.»

KD Dr. med. Philipp Meyer, Senior Neonatology Consultant, Aarau Cantonal Hospital

«We don’t have to consider whether we need a Lifebox, but haw many we need. Until now we weren’t aware of the challenges rescuing babies from a fire present. Now we do an we have been given a solution to this problem. If we don0t take action now, we can start thinking about who we sould like to sahre a prison cell with if there should be an emergency an we are unprepared.»

Dr. Michael Foramitti, Senior Physician Wiener Neustadt Regional Clinic

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