NeoRescue – what we stand for

Our mission

NeoRescue develops and produces life-saving rescue materials and safety concepts to protect the youngest members of society.

Our vision

No baby on earth should die because no evacuation equipment was available.

Our positioning

NeoRescue is a leading provider of products and services designed to rescue babies in emergency situations.

Our markets

For the international sale of our products we can count on a wide network of sales partners.

Our team

David Selinger

Inventor / CEO

Roland Joho

Inventor / Member of the Management Board

Our history

In 2015 a fire broke out in the kitchen of a neonatology unit in a Swiss hospital. Luckily only minor damage was caused. No one was injured. Following detailed analysis of the incident it was, however, soon clear that it would have been almost impossible to rescue the babies being treated in the unit. An emergency drill carried out a few months later provided definitive proof that new evacuation options for the smallest, most vulnerable members of society were urgently required.

Breathing apparatus and smoke hoods are not an option for babies. Rescue transportation in incubators weighing over 100 kg is an equally poor option. Research into alternative rescue options for babies revealed that none existed. Neither fire services nor hospitals had a solution. A dissatisfying situation. Who wants to have to explain to the parents of a new-born that their child died because there wasn’t any suitable rescue equipment? We certainly didn’t want to. So we founded NeoRescue.

The founders of NeoRescue