Why our Lifebox® is required

Improvisation is no longer necessary

It’s a classic scenario: Fire services headquarters receives an alarm. A house fire. The firefighters set off. When they arrive at the scene smoke is already billowing out of the windows. Emergency services have been informed that there are still people in the burning building. It is unclear how many. Their ages are also unknown. In such cases adults and small children can be safely evacuated using smoke hoods.

But what happens if babies have to be rescued from the burning building? Breathing apparatus and smoke hoods are no use for babies. Rescuing them inside a fire fighting jacket is extremely dangerous. In such circumstances firefighters have been forced to improvise. Until now.

How NeoRescue supports the emergency services

  • The Lifebox is a rescue module which is independent of ambient air
  • Best possible protection for babies during an emergency
  • In an emergency the Lifebox can be used by laypeople – the rescue should be carried out by emergency personnel
  • Weight comparison: Isolette neonatal transporter 160kg vs. Lifebox 25kg
  • The practical rescue box for babies and animals
  • The Lifebox can be used during fires, in smoke, during accidents involving gas and chemicals, in explosions and during earthquakes or flooding

Our unique emergency rescue box

Lifebox universal von NeoRescue

Simple, quick and safe. This is our Lifebox which allows you to rescue babies during emergencies.

Thanks to the over-pressure system babies are ideally protected and continuous monitoring is ensured because monitors can also be placed in the box.

NeoRescue in action

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Take advantage of our expertise

Personal, competent and experienced. We can train your staff how to use Lifeboxes correctly; offer workshops and evacuation advisory services and assist you with the planning and execution of emergency drills.

Product training

To ensure that Lifeboxes are used correctly in emergencies we offer training courses for healthcare employees.

Input event

During our input event we provide valuable information and tips for practical implementation in the fields of safety, fire protection and evacuation.

Emergency drills

We can plan and organise emergency drills including debriefings and risk analyses. If desired, we can also work in cooperation with fire services and similar institutions.

What the rescue services say

«We tested the ‘Lifebox’ during a practice drill. Although the participants were not medical professionals the had no problems using the ‘Lifebox’. From our point of view this is a unique product that we would certainly use in any emergency. The additional service offerings provided by NeoRescue GmbH round off the ‘Rescuing babies and toddlers’ concept.»

Andreas Fahrni, Commanding Officer, Frick Fire Brigade / Firefighting Instructor

«In an emergency the NeoRescue Lifebox is a safe, quick solution. No specialist medical knowledge ist required, so anyone can use the Lifebox to rescue a baby or toddler’s life.»

David Bürge, Commanding Officer, Aarau Fire Brigade

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